I’m your Love & Relationship Coach & Founder of We The Goddess. I’m a visionary, lover of romance and practically a mermaid who lives at the ocean & jumps on airplanes to travel the world.

I help women create the love they desire because
I spent decades binge drinking, chasing unavailable men, & was terrible at relationships. I avoided the life & love that I desired because I had fears of intimacy, fears of commitment, & walls of protection built around my heart… until I DECIDED to transform from the inside out.

NOW I LIVE MY DREAM LIFE. I’m expressed in my feminine, vulnerable, bold, & powerful. I’m confident & liberated. I’ve created healthy, deep, & passionate relationships and ultimately, I BECAME the love of my life.

WANT TO CREATE THE LOVE & INTIMACY OF YOUR DREAMS? You’re in the right place, darling. My mission & passion is to help YOU do exactly this.

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Let’s rise.