I’m Miranda Amora, Feminine Embodiment Mentor and founder of We The Goddess, an online women’s holistic sexuality boutique. I’m a visionary, entrepreneur, & lover of romance. I’m practically a mermaid who lives in the ocean, loves dogs, & jumps on airplanes to travel the world. My mission & passion in the world is to help spiritual women embody pleasure, prosperity, power, & self-love. I’m a sensitive, playful, and deep soul– I love 1:1 coaching with other sensitives, creatives, entrepreneurs, intuitives, & spiritual women. 

There’s nothing more disempowering than feeling disconnected from your body & truth; I know because I spent decades feeling that way. Finally, my body had enough. I was done with binge drinking, snorting drugs on the weekends, meaningless sex, & ultimately numbing out my emotions. I found myself deepening into my yoga practice & beginning a radical self-love journey that completely transformed my life. I rediscovered my power and truth through a sector of self-development– holistic sexual healing.

My deepest wish is for you to come home to the love and liberation within your own body. Imagine the bliss of regaining sensitivity in your yoni, experiencing yourself as pleasure-filled, & feeling empowered through your emotions. Imagine coming home to your body, restoring her inherent wisdom, and pursuing your desires with ease & grace. I desire this for every woman & that’s why I help women remember their power & pleasure to live a truly fulfilling life.

For 1:1 VITA coaching spots, please send me a message <3
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @miranda.amora

Can’t wait to connect 🙂 Lots of love!

Miranda Amora