VITA™ Coaching Method for Sex, Love, and Relationships

Experience this deep transformational process through our comprehensive programs, like our monthly VITA™ Sacred Sexuality Initiation or our one-year professional VITA™ Coaching Certification.


VITA™ Coaching Method for Love, Intimacy, and Relationships

Experience this deep transformational process through our comprehensive programs, like our monthly VITA™ Sacred Sexuality Experience or our one-year professional VITA™ Coaching Certification.

What is VITA™ Coaching?

What is VITA™ Coaching?

The core values of VITA™ Coaching are based on the belief that sexuality is sacred, beautiful, powerful, and natural; pure love is the primary force that sustains us, and meaningful relationships are necessary for a joyful life.

We work from a basic understanding that all of us are sensual beings with a tremendous capacity for love and connection.

As VITA™ coaches, we celebrate our sensual nature and live authentically by choosing love over fear while embracing both with compassion.

The transformation occurs not from trying to be something different than we are, but by gently integrating the blockages, fears, and contractions around our sexuality, hearts, and relationships to reveal the wholeness and health that is our birthright.

Everyone desires more potent, lasting love. Everyone desires relationships based on trust and real intimacy. But hardly anyone knows the effective and practical tools to get there.

The VITA™ method takes the most effective teachings of modern neurobiology, holistic healing, and modern coaching, and blends them with ancient wisdom & teachings. VITA™ stands for: “The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach.”

VITA™ Coaching Methodology

The VITA™ Method is a transformational process to heal and awaken sexuality. Backed by modern science and empowered by ancient wisdom, we use holistic tools like breathwork, pleasure practices, trauma healing, meditation, energy work, sounding, and movement that can resolve even the deepest issues.

I created this holistic, transformational system by combining my years of embodied spiritual studies in Asia with a scientific approach that began during my Human Biology studies at Stanford University.

I spent years integrating the potent wisdom of ancient teachings with recent research and understanding around neurobiology and the science of healing.

And thus, the VITA™ Coaching Method was born, combining the most powerful tools of the mind and the most transformative tools of the body in a modern, holistic, transformational process that is rooted in deep self-love and acceptance.

The VITA™ Coaching Method is at the core of all of my programs – ranging from my one-year VITA™ Coaching Certification for professionals to my monthly VITA™ Sacred Sexuality program and six-week Crystal Pleasure program.


Learn the VITA™ Method in my year-long coaching certification.

My VITA™ Coaching Certification is built upon the VITA™ Method and takes you on a journey of self-exploration and sexual awakening in your own body. You’ll learn my simple yet powerful system so that you can use it to transform your clients’ lives and build a business and lifestyle that honors your passions and dreams.

As many individuals have also experienced trauma in their lives, the methodology incorporates and integrates trauma principles that gently work with the living system in a slow, attentive, and loving way to bring overwhelmed or traumatized pieces into a space where they can be loved, held, and experienced from a centered space.

Finally, this system recognizes and supports that human beings thrive by regularly experiencing states of ecstasy, bliss, surrender, divine connection, and wild freedom.

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