Hello, I’m Ellen. I’m glad you’re here.

Along with my training as a VITA coach, I’m also an Art Therapist and trained in Somatic Experiencing – a gentle way of working with trauma. My spaces are kind, gentle, deep and profoundly healing.

I won’t sell you a ten step process to where you want to go – I will never presume to be the expert in your body. Instead my approach is to use the wealth of knowledge I have to support us as together we learn to deeply listen to the wisdom of your body and nervous system, and to create a space that feels safe enough for them to gently heal, shift, let go of or move past whatever might be in the way of you feeling how you want to feel and having the experience of life that you want.

It’s a journey, and we’re on it together each step of the way.

I specialise in navigating times of change – big or small, whether you know what you want to change, have no idea but just know that something needs to, or whether life has thrown you into the middle of it – and creating solid foundations out of times where it’s hard to know which way is up. On these foundations you can build your wildest, weirdest dreams!

If you’re liking the sound of this maybe a good next step might be booking in a call so we can get to know each other a bit and see if working together could be a good fit.

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