I am a trauma-informed Sensuality and Embodiment Coach who guides women to come home into their bodies and their sensual, sexual nature. I harness the power of body presence and pleasure to awaken the wild natural self. And I believe your body is your magic wand, and curiosity is a superpower.

Clients often come to me:

-Feeling shutdown, shame, and stuck around their sexuality and wanting to feel pleasure and joy

-Noticing a relationship pattern they keep repeating and want to shift

-Experiencing anxiety and perfectionism and wanting self-trust, self-love, and grounding

People often describe me as warm, grounded, caring, and full of loving presence. Within the coaching container, I value consent and the coach-client relationship.  My work focuses on your relationship with your body, your relationship with yourself, and your relationship with others (including intimate partners) as the three legs of the cauldron of transformation.

You can listen to my podcast Reawakening Love and Power with Carol Anne on Spotify and Apple for conversations, real anonymous coaching sessions, and guided practices on reawakening and reclaiming the parts of us we’ve lost, especially in the realms of love, power, sex, and relationships.

You can also book a free, no-pressure Clarity Call to have a conversation about what you want to create and experience in your life, what’s getting in the way, and whether working together is a fit.