Hey, I’m Valerie, a Somatic Trauma Coach, Sacred Sex & Sensual Movement Coach, & Earth Witch!

For 20 years I’ve supported thousands of women & AFAB witches to explore their connection to their internal power through somatic & embodiment work.

I consider it my life’s mission to help as many of us release the bonds of childhood and ancestral pains & patterns that trained us to feel small, believe, we’re not enough, & mistrust the brilliant intuition we carry within.

I grew up with a narcissistic mom & experienced the same struggles as my clients, so I know firsthand what it feels like to go through it and come out genuinely loving myself, my life, my career, and my relationships.

In my 1:1 container, I work with clients who are ready to move past their self-doubts & childhood wounds & I help them build better relationships, and businesses, and develop the confidence to fully express themselves in every way possible!

In my group work virtually & in person, I host monthly moon circles, Somatic Witchcraft workshops, & spaces to flourish in our sensual bodies through somatic experiencing & sensual movement as well as an embodied business container to help create a business out of confidence and self-trust.