I work with Eros and Psyche:
connecting to your body wisdom,
to find self-love,
healing, and expand
your capacity for pleasure,
which echoes in all areas of life
and all your relationships.

I have been training as a priestess of the Goddess since I was 12 years old.

I studied integral/ontological coaching and archetypal psychology.

I started my journey with the jade egg as a personal practice ten years ago, when I found that my two pregnancies and c-sections were affecting my relationship with my body and pelvic floor health. 
Years later I would embrace the practice on a professional level, by studying with Layla Martin’s internationally renowned VITA COACHING PROGRAM.

I graduated as a VITA Coach and specialized as a Trauma Aware Female Sexuality coach, and as a Jade Egg coach.

I have trained as a Tantra and life transitions coach.

I have been passionate about studying and understanding complex, and transgenerational trauma.

I am an intersectional feminist and my passion for justice permeates my work.
Storytelling is a primal part of my work and one of the things my clients love the most about working with me.