Hi! I’m Phoebe Christina, certified VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coach and VITA™ Women’s Sexuality Coach. 

In Blissfully Embodied coaching, I help phenomenal women and non-binary people with vulvas awaken their pleasure, power and thriving in sexuality, love, and life. 

My desire is for you to see your own magic, and bloom into the most audaciously alive version of yourself. 

For me, embodied sexuality is a meditative practice that provides a safe and accessible way to enter states of conscious presence beyond our everyday waking perception. 

Through embodied sexuality practices, I can help you feel more orgasmic, open your heart to love, feel safety and belonging in your true sexual expression, and build confidence to be your authentic self. 

Your sensual experience is a doorway to deep transformation at every level of your body and mind. I guide people to find the intelligence of their own bodies using holistic practices rooted in modern neurobiology and teachings of Tantra and Taoism. 

Why work with me

As a qualified medical doctor, master of psychology, singer and sexuality coach, I’ve had a professional, academic and personal relationship with the human body for over 18 years. I understand the body from a physiological, psychosocial, energetic, emotional and experiential perspective. 

I’ve also felt for myself the pain of disengaging the mind from the body; and I’ve experienced my own healing through reconnecting to my bodily experience. 

Working with me is a process of self-discovery, acceptance and celebration of all that you are.

Feel free to send your questions for me to [email protected]