I’m fascinated about the possibilities of healing, empowerment and liberation that lies in the human body.

Embodiment, somatic healing, gentle trauma resolution and nervous system regulation are words that make me smile and melt in relaxation.

I’m an Embodiment Coach guiding people through a trauma-informed journey of somatic healing and embodied empowerment.

As a Coach, I offer the help and support you need to regulate your nervous system, gently integrate traumas and overcome obstacles, fears and limitations that are keeping you from fully thriving.

I’m also a Senior Teacher at VITA™ Coaching and am taking the 3-year Somatic Experiencing Training for Trauma Resolution.

I’m a Brazilian, biracial, black, cis woman, living in the Bay Area, California. My clients are women and folks with vulvas from all different walks of life. I work internationally, serving people mainly in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.