Hi, I’m Marina, Somatic Trauma Healer, Embodiment Coach, Teacher & Mentor

I see myself as a body enthusiast, passionate about the wisdom and healing power of our bodies and all the ways we are able to integrate mind-body-spirituality in a conscious and loving way so we can thrive.

In my 1:1 coaching, I help people trapped in past trauma heal, regain their sense of power, agency and erotic aliveness so they can thrive in all areas of life. I do that with the help of  the VITA Coaching Method and Somatic Experiencing for Trauma Healing. 

As a mentor and teacher to Sex, Love and Relationship Coaches, I offer ongoing support with Case Consultations (supervision), Continued Education and Sustainable Business Development.

I’m a Brazilian, biracial, black, cis woman, living in the Bay Area, California. My clients are women and folks with vulvas from all different walks of life. I work internationally, serving people mainly in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.