Sex-positive feminist, erotic art creator, activist.
Languages: English, French

Proud member of “les chahuteuses”, educating people in France for a more joyful sexuality.

I create epic and safe relationships and Deep Pleasure. The shape or form this will take is up to you.
I work with rule breakers, artists, overthinkers creative types struggling with anxiety in their relatinships and sexuality. 

You might be experiencing :

  • Disconnect from your body
  • Low libido
  • Checking out during intercourse
  • Difficulties with orgasms

Together we can go on an epic journey to…

  • Find your self love and become your ultimate cheerleader
  • Magnetize your true match
  • Maintain firm and healthy boundaries
  • Navigate polyamory
  • Explore BDSM or kinks
  • Connect with your tantric priestess
  • Unleash your creativity in sex, love and art