Jin (Online and In-person for individual and couples)

Jin is an intimacy coach, helping individuals and heterosexual couples build deep intimacy, body confidence and have full expression in their love life. Aside from the VITA certification, she is a certified Erotic Blueprint™ coach and a Tantra educator. She offers in-person sessions in NYC and online coaching worldwide. 

Jin was someone who knew how to be confident as a business professional but constantly felt unseen, frustrated, and bored in relationships. The yearning for deep intimacy and fulfillment led her to go beyond the cognitive level study and immerse in somatic (body-based), tantric, and erotic empowerment approaches.

Her service has supported corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, and those with an Asian cultural background. She specializes in helping introverts, empaths, and people who live in their heads.

She holds an MBA degree and was a business professional for over a decade before becoming a coach. She speaks English and Mandarin Chinese fluently.

Contact: [email protected]