Hi, I’m Angelique, sexuality & Relationship coach

I help unfulfilled women take ownership of their pleasure so they can connect to their body and their partner on a deeper level.

I work with women 1:1 (in site and remotely) to help them:

  • Feel confident and empowered sexually
  • Feel safe enough to surrender with their partner(s) so they can experience orgasm with them
  • Reclaim and expand their capacity for pleasure
  • Discover their erotic personnality, feel inspired to experience different flavors of having sex
  • Communicate better with their partners
  • Heal from anxiety and fear of abandonment that create havoc in their dating life.

I offer personalized 1:1 coaching packages from 3-6 months with follow up after our work together.

You can book a free discovery call via my website, or send me a DM on instagram.

Looking forward to connect with you!