Hi, I’m Angela!
As a somatic practitioner, nervous system coach, and self-trust mentor, I’m here to support you on your journey toward healing and transformation. My holistic approach acknowledges that every aspect of your being – physical, emotional, and spiritual – is interconnected and deserves attention. Through somatic techniques, we’ll work together to help you release emotional blockages, build self-awareness, and cultivate a deeper connection to your body. By tapping into your own inner wisdom and resources, you’ll uncover your inner abilities and strengths. This will help you create a life that’s aligned with your values and desires. In serving as your ally and guide on your journey, I strive to provide a safe and compassionate space for healing and growth.
I am dedicated to a life of reclaiming my wild, pleasure and power. I am a lover of learning who takes a stand for women’s empowerment, connection to the body and sexuality, cultivating sisterhood, and speaking our inarguable truth. I am deeply passionate about you finding out what your truth is. To help you cultivate radical self-trust because I believe trusting yourself is the core foundation to living a thriving life full of pleasure, freedom, and confidence. I want you to find out what makes your feel alive, what you need and desire. 

I deeply believe in the healing power and wisdom of our own bodies, and connection to others. With a background in The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, Somatic Experiencing, Michaela Boehm’s Teacher Certification (The Wild Women’s Way), and Teacher training in erotic movement. I enjoy bringing together ideas and women to collaboratively move toward a world of greater pleasure and radiance for all.