Andrea Balboni is a Sex, Love and Relationships Coach who knows an important truth – that the secret to having the relationship, sex and intimacy you want lies deep within you.

And she knows how to get that secret out, because she’s done it herself. 

After more than a decade single, she finally cracked the code and created an incredible relationship full of depth, connection, love and blissful erotic pleasure. 

To get there, Andrea studied, practiced and embodied learnings from eastern wisdom traditions including tantra, taoism, yoga, reiki and shamanic work. Her work is grounded in trauma-informed professional training (VITA certification with Layla Martin, ReBloom training with Rachel Maddox amongst others), which encompasses modern psychology, neuroscience and a trauma-informed approach to working with body, heart, mind, soul and energy – the wholeness of being.

Andrea hones and leverages what learned and experienced to help hundreds of smart, successful, soulful women experience as much fulfilment in their personal intimate lives as they do in their professional lives.

Before becoming a life-changing coach, Andrea led award-winning creative tech teams for 20 years in Fortune 100 companies across the globe. She understands what it is like to thrive in one area of life for decades, as another stalls indefinitely. She has what it takes to help you change this paradigm and bring more balance into your life. 

Andrea has contributed to podcasts and publications such as the BBC, The Independent, and the Metro. She has spoken at private professional clubs like The Allbright, The h club and Home House in London, UK