Ananya Harvey, PhD, is a Shadow and Sexuality Coach and founder of Bliss Science.  She specializes in working with men.

After a successful 10-year career as an academic research chemist, she broke free of lab life to pursue wild experiments at the frontiers of mindfulness, embodiment, and sacred sexuality. Ananya spent 4+ years in full-time study and practice of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini, and Tantra in Asia, when she became a certified Tantra Teacher. She is trauma-informed, ICF-trained & a certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach. She has also completed ABC-1 with Prem Baba, The Embodied Relationship Salon with John Wineland & Kendra Cunov, Tantrik Immersion with Hareesh Wallis, and currently studies Masterful Relating with Crystallin Dillon as well as classical tantrik meditation and non-dual philosophy with Paul Muller-Ortega. 

Ananya’s life and work represent a bridge between disparate worlds: men and women, science and spiritual practice, the head and the heart. Her unique, no-bullshit Bliss Science approach to sex & relationships unites the material and spiritual at the heart through non-dual insight, embodiment practices, and modern science.  

Ananya has worked with hundreds of men – leaders in tech, finance, and consulting – to help them experience pleasure in ways they never thought possible, to connect with their inner power and confidence, and communicate skillfully with women. She now guides smart, driven people of all genders to finally get out of their head, stop beating themselves up, and surrender into the bliss of a passionate life.