Welcome! I’m Emma.

I help men and women heal negative relationship patterns, embody a deep self love, and expand their capacity for pleasure.

We come together to work through areas in your relationship that need a relational reset; supporting you both to open up, be honest and real with each other, and communicate in ways that makes sure you get your needs met.

I help you to bridge the gaps and misunderstandings when it comes to emotional and sexual intimacy in your relationship. We explore unconscious familial and relational wounds from the past that remain in the present, and uncover the many layers around loss of desire and arousal.

We build on your knowledge of what turns you and your partner on and what is a turn off, putting the brakes on desire and arousal. I will guide you to resolve your subconscious blocks around pleasure, sexuality, self love and intimacy. 

I very much look forward to connecting with you!

Emma x

London/Remotely Worldwide