Do you desire to unleash your inner natural feminine power? To feel completely liberated from the inside out and into your life? Turn your low libido, numbness, guilt and shame around your sexuality into joy, pleasure and feeling free and turned-on? Do you desire to find your (sexual) pleasure and confidence as a woman? And own your sexuality back for yourself?

Then Marianne is your to-go-to person. Her clients call her the best of the best! And say working with her has been the best investment EVER!

Marianne van Katwijk is a highly trained and certified holistic Sex, Love & Relationship Coach and Psychologist for soulful, ambitious women who want to confidently embody their feminine powers and feel pleasure in their own body.

She is one of the top 1% of holistic and Integrated Sexuality Coaches in the world, and works as a professional coach with individuals and groups.

She has a background in Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, Solution Based Coaching, Gestalt Therapy, Reiki & Energy Healing and Solution-Focused Approach to Trauma.

She is a Jade-Egg Expert, a Pussy Whisperer and a Yoni Shaman.

You can contact her here: [email protected] or