Hi, I’m Jerry Souter.

The Love & Relationship Coach for women who are ready to figure out WHAT is really going on with their love lives and break those damaging patterns. 

I’ve spent much of my life studying holistic healing tools — I’m even certified in Balinese Intuitive Massage. However, immediately after I completed my training, I offered free massages at a festival (figuring it would be good practice). Fifty sweaty people later and I retired from massage for good!

I volunteered at an organic farm and lived in a tent for 3 months. I still don’t know anything about camping, or organic farming for that matter. I’ve also worked for three Fortune 500 companies. I prefer working for myself.

Formal Education: Studied counselling, trained as a trauma-informed yoga teacher, and am a certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, specialising in Women’s Empowerment and Conscious Dating & Relationships.

And let me tell you, after talking about love and dating with hundreds of women, nothing surprises me anymore. But hey, it’s comforting to know that no matter how quirky, bizarre or WTFy your story is, you’re probably not alone.