I’m Elizabeth Claire de Lune — Sex, Love, and Relationship coach with a Ph.D. in Folklore, a passion for magical realism, and I’m devoted to awakening epic support for your beautiful dreams.  (In a trauma-informed, body-wise, and glitter-forward fashion. Because #fastest #funnest #obviously)  

Since 2007, I’ve studied the function of myth, legend, and archetype. I taught it as a university professor, and I use it today as a coach — helping clients reclaim the power that’s lost when we externalize our magic, projecting it onto big stories “out there” instead of realizing the truth of it “in here.” (*points to sparkly heart)

Now, I’m bringing mythic-level magic into your world by reconnecting you with your Unicorn Design — the unique blueprint of the magical being you came here to be. A 5-flavored pathway to power, peace, and pleasure that can be accessed in an instant, anywhere you go. And that will never give up on you, even when doubt’s at the door. 

Together, we’ll venture into the five unicorn realms and retrieve the secret keys to your felt sense of goodness — the embodied energy so true it transforms your fear into fuel and your doubt into desire. An experience so delightful, you’ll skip out of bed in the morning because you can’t wait to get down to the business of being you.